The following videos show stories I tell about America's first leaders:

Enjoy this slide show about my travels as I explore ancient myths on leadership.

This 90 minute documentary shows America before the Conquest.

The Olmec are Protomayans, America's mother-culture

History tells us about the Aztec kingdom before the Conquest…

Mysteries of the Maya world.

The Maya as sorcerer-scientists

In this audio/visual presentation, I remember the “Jaguar-kings” of America

This video shows us how the Jaguar-kings saw Time-Space-Creation from ONE energy.

Here Dr. Quantum shows us how, as matter IS energy, separateness is an illusion.

Dr. Quantum explains how to think about other dimensions.

A discussion on Earth’s creation and the emergence of subjective CONSCIOUSNESS

This video shows us how PERCEPTION shapes our experience of the world.

This very good film explains how to “see” in the new dimensions.

A recent film explains how NASA discovered "Portals" in Time-Space…

This video tells how the Maya had made extra-terrestrial contact

Every storyteller has a point of view... Why don't you share yours.

The value of the services provided by Earth’s ecosystems and natural resources as “capital” are estimated, by conservative measures, to be about $33US trillion per year. The GNP (gross national product) of the entire Planet's economy is currently about $18US trillion per year. To allow purely economic considerations to weigh-in on every other issue makes no sense whatever. What is needed to right the wrongs of the Earth is empowered leaders who can safeguard the environment above all other considerations.

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