We live in a complex world but the new technology is making it easier to navigate the complexity all the time. Our transition from the industrial age to this emergent information age might be painful for many who don’t understand why things have already changed so much.

This information age means that global systems and instant communications are implanted. The amount of data and the speed at which it circulates is now dizzying.
Four elements have caused complexity to emerge as an factor in the new system: Diversity; Connection; Interdependence; and Adaptation.

We need to learn how to adapt to the changes in the system.

In a transformative process, the flux and flow of change comes with opportunities that suddenly emerge and become available. Strategies can be systematically employed to capture and capitalize on those new opportunities.

Strategic thinking requires us to shift paradigm's -
from being reactive to life’s circumstances and events to being co-creative with them. This allows us to become strategic thinkers and anticipate change and thus influence outcomes. But it also means that we need to invest in developing our creative capital.

A creative person can influence events in a variety of ways that will alter circumstances in his favour. He can influence with stealth and surprise, or with intent and fanfare. He can choose the timing of his strategy, and select its space - including the physical environment, the landscape, the playing field, the resources and the climate.

A creative thinker can vary the degree, the intensity and the strength of his strategic influence - that is its force and power. He will define a series of tactics to use and fashion tools for a variety of encounters.

All to say - in order to exert influence, a creative thinker only needs a plan and a direction... a “
do what where?”

He knows that every choice means -
not some other choice. As such, he will work through any resistance to fleshing out ideas for as many choices and options as possible. How do you get a good idea? You get a lot of ideas and throw out the bad ones!

To assess your strategy, remember that a good one is dynamic and a bad one is static! Nature evolved from survival of the wisest... wisdom being adapt-