What stops us from exploring our higher nature? We intuitively know that we are more than flesh and bones. Now science even confirms the fact. We are more than a physical body, we are also an immortal soul. We are the same energy as the universe. Energy!

Most of us don't have the neural syntax required to profit from that fact. We don't understand ourselves as energy. Well there might be something stopping you from exploring your real nature - but I defeated my resistance. I embraced becoming who I really am. I now journey on any path that promises personal power.

So what is preventing you from living your own dream? What is blocking you? Do you know who your enemy is? Is it the devil? The New World Order? The mafia? Or is it islamic terrorism? The media wants you to believe someone is responsible for stopping you so they report about for higher ratings. They want someone to take the heat… on camera. It makes the ratings go sky high.

A spiritual warrior is quite clear on who his enemies really are. Wisdom tells him or her that we have 4: Our real enemies, the Jaguar-kings of prehistory America discovered, are fear, clarity, power and old age.

It is easy for me to see how these 4 enemies can limit a person's appreciation of life. I understand how fear limits people. The feeling is not nice. Most people experience fear but some fall prey to it. This first enemy triggers a natural alarm psychologists call the fight or flight syndrome. Physical changes occur to our body/mind when we are afraid. Fears have been fed in most humans since their earliest childhood with the telling of fairy tales, fables and cartoons. Religious beliefs hold concepts like good -vs- evil that end with punishment and hellfire. Certain tribes have social rules and customs that shape a general attitude wherein you conform or are ostracized. These limits feed a certain subservience and acceptance. Afraid, people are more docile. And that's what a fascist few want from you, your will subjugated to theirs.

I recommend that you watch a very good video called The Power Of Nightmares as it explains how fear can be a prison. Fear stops us from exploring the path of the heart. If we vanquish fear then we adopt love as the law of life. But then we become prey to our second enemy: Clarity. Clarity describes that state of mind which gives rise to egocentric pride and sense of entitlement. It is when we notice that others are less perfect or fearsome than we expect.

The 4 enemies for the man who seeks knowledge: 2. Clarity, makes one proud. Defy the clarity and use it only to see things as they are, not to grow complacent to them 3. Power (is never ours, handling carefully all that we learned). 4. Old age, fluff off the tiredness