In America's jungles, the jaguar is both feared and admired, depending on who's looking. Anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, an author of 10 books on the sorcery of Mexico and Central America, was given a spectacular demonstration of that noble cat's "mind-reading abilities".

Trapped in a mountain gulch by a mature jaguar one night, Castaneda came to realize the cat was anticipating his every move. He described how it cut off his avenues of escape... and was waiting for him at every turn. Every path in whatever direction he tried to leave that gulch warned him with the growls and roars ahead and continuously forced his hasty retreat.

He was frantic to escape when Juan Matus, the old "
brujo", gave him invaluable advice: Think one way - with a clear intent - but act in a totally different way so as to confuse the cat.

The plan was to feed the jaguar's mind with false data. When it became clear the suggestion was his only escape, he tried it. Happily freed from certain death, he was now ready for an in depth discussion on ESP - Extra Sensory Perception.

ESP refers to our mind's capacity to consider information from other than what is normally picked by the body's physical senses. A potential 6th sense often called telepathy, ESP includes precognition, clairvoyance, kinesis and more.

Don Juan understood that we have and use senses we are not consciously aware of. We have
subconscious sensors so body/mind receives and processes information that cannot be attributed to the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell or taste. Beyond those, a 6th sense might well include the "sense of balance" for example. We stand straight because a mechanism in our inner ear has 3 semi-circular canals that orient perception in terms of horizontal, vertical and diagonal movement.

We also have a
"Solar sense" as our Pineal gland receives sunlight from photo-sensors in the eye. Thus stimulated, the pineal gland secretes a hormone called Melatonin that regulates sleep and mood among other things. If it's dysfunctional, our solar sense is responsible for depressive states like SAD - seasonally adjusted disorder - and other ailments.

We have a "
Magnetic sense". With its North to South orientation, Earth acts like a huge bar magnet. Then magnetite in the brain orients us in space. This is the sense of direction used by Radionic dowsers to find geologic “Ley lines" and lately, by people who practice Feng Shui to find the optimum energy flow in your home or business.

What about our
"Electric sense"? Everything is composed of electrons. Higher animals and some humans can feel the mineral world's piezo electric charge before a seismic quake for example. Others feel weather by sensing changes in their ion levels. Dogs are trained to smell epileptic seizure and other neuroelectric ailments before they even occur. Hysterical people and hormonally charged teens can cause poltergeist activity by influencing the continuum's electromagnetic field.

We have a "
Trigeminal sense" - i.e. there are nerves near the top of our face - around the nose and eyes - that carry touch and temperature sensors for such stimulants as chili pepper, menthol or eucalyptus. Consider how you'll change breathing patterns to send mint fumes high into your nasal cavity or how hot sauce will quickly create havoc, draining your sinuses at the dinner table. Those receptors are designed to receive sexual pheromones.

Ever hear of "
Synesthesia"? That's where one sense seems to compensate for another. Blind people will look at sound by using their hearing to scan and zero-in on its source. Autistic people can actually see sound as pulses of light and some can even feel aroma. Etcetera.

And we have a “
Proprio-receptive” sense - i.e our body's muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons are constantly supplying data on position to our inner pilot. If you want to see folks mastering that particular 6th sense, come to the edges of Costa Rica jungle, where the mountains meet the sea. Surfers demonstrate how proprio-receptors allow the body to adjust blissfully to the demands of a 10 foot breaking wave with a left-handed curl.

So if those surfer-dudes often sound like they're tuned-in to a separate reality... it's because they are. Like the jaguar, they are using their ESP to figure out the world's shifting tides so they might gain an edge. What about you? Have you explored your ESP?