So many people feel insecure and, in consequence, act negatively. The concept of security is about feeling confident when considering the future so the security needs include the attitude that accompanies actualizing our physical needs. Feeling insecure has to do with assembling a fear-based worldview.

Consider Newton’s 3rd law of motion: Each action has an equal an opposite reaction. In that case, the ONLY WAY to offset negativity is with MORE POSITIVE. Action/Reaction suggests that if you want a positive reaction, you must engage in positive action and, as negative begets negative, if you encounter negativity you must react with more positive.

We’ve named that positive energy in motion (or positive e-motion) LOVE - but assembling a love-based worldview is subject to an expansion factor. We must expand from feeling selfish love to symbiotic (or relationship) love, to self-esteem, to love as an unconditional law, to attaining oneness with the l.o.v.e. (limitless oscillations of vibrational energy) of universe. Then we’ll see the Universe answer in kind and call that MAGIC.

People who feel secure have an aura of assurance that they’ll have no problem satisfying their physical needs over the long haul. And as that consequence, they’ll have no problem loving. Their resolve will be put to the test though, whenever they are forced to face the unknown or to deal with sudden change - so their love had better be real.

Because change is the only constant, it is waiting for us at every turn. If we don’t learn to deal with it, we can't develop successful coping methods that build confidence and contribute to genuine feelings of love which are
the only real security. So then, nurturing a preference for the known, for the status quo, for the habitual or the familiar will weaken us by default.

The rapidly changing world and all its problems - from a fragile ecology to the unstable economy and more - can undermine our sense of security and then our will to face the future. To compensate for that, we must invest in developing our emotional strength and creative potential. Rather than remain a victim to how we feel, we should understand how emotion allows for an empowering process which requires us to shift from feeling fear and insecurity to love-based thinking.

Researchers have determined that emotions have their origins in a 5-step process wherein we put energy is “in motion” to reach a goal. Experts say human emotional response stems from:
  1. An event - Something happens that triggers the reaction to identify a potential threat or danger.
  2. The perception of that event - We’ll become aware of the event in a large experiential sense. That is - we physically sense it via seeing, hearing or reading about it, adding input from our memory of a previous experience to form a new whole perception.
  3. The appraisal of the new whole perception - We’ll refer to our memory and assess whether or not the event will satisfy a goal - or move us away from it - and we’ll give that feeling a value. The value will directly affect the strength of our response or whether it’ll offer a strong or weak interaction.
  4. The filter on the appraisal - We’ll choose an appropriate response from our inventory; one that we believe is appropriate to achieve our goal. We’ll respond out of fear or act from love...
  5. The reaction to our filtered appraisal - We then transform our emotional response into a coping mechanism for future reference.

How we put our energy-in-motion dictates how secure we are likely to feel. If we get trapped in a fear reaction that weakens us, we’ll get tired, sick or distressed, our energy level will be lessened and so will our ability to respond positively to the next situation. With every lowered emotional output, our mood is affected and that sends a negative signal out there to where it attracts bad karma (Action/Reaction).

If, however, we expand in magnitudes of love - from selfish (love me) to symbiotic (love me and I’ll love you back) to self-esteem (I love myself enough to make a positive effort) and then in answer to the law (Positive action/reaction), we will encounter
Universal l.o.v.e., the limitless oscillating vibration energy of Universe and (Action/Reaction) see magic occur.

Feeling secure means nurturing a lifestyle that increases your vital energy so that it becomes easier for you to put
positive energy-in-motion: Good nutritional habits, keeping in good physical shape and having a well-rested body and mind will all contribute to reaching high levels of energy, as does developing a more trusting and worry-free attitude. With more vital energy (energy devoted to life) you’ll more easily and more effectively handle life's challenges and obstacles.

So, in summary, to feel secure and even magical, practice an
energy culture. Learn to manage your energy-in-motion.