The story of America cannot be properly told without paying proper homage to the continent's first leaders. I refer to the ancient chiefs who led tribesmen and women to a new world, circa 100,000 years ago, and guided them through the many challenges that a migration and resettlement will present

Millennia ago, highly skilled
mammoth hunters followed migration routes across 3 continents into America. Then an ice age blocked their way home, and so by the time the last of these great beasts walked the Earth - about 4,500 years ago - America's leaders had settled in the tropics, built great cities and developed highly intelligent ideas about science, agriculture, social order, philosophy and time travel. By the Bronze Age, the protomaya had established a spiritual culture based on adopting Nature's laws and a social order that reflected Creator's intent. Subsequent migrations (overland from North and South and across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans) by adventurous men and women continued until the time of the European conquest when an estimated 50 million or more people lived in America.

I wrote my previous travel blog from entries in my "
Lessons from the jungle..." diary, where I explain how Nature creatively manages a complex systems with intelligent precision. Now I'll tell you what I learned about the Jaguar-kings, the great leaders who adopted Nature's lessons as Creator's Intent some 3,500 years ago.

A brief slide show of some of my adventures in Mexico and Central America.

Those sorcerer-scientists civilized the new world, experienced its plenty, decoded Nature's TEO physics, a science that explains how individuals are linked to Creator and to all of creation, and registered the mathematics in stone.

Learning the science of TEOphysics encouraged early people to come out of the jungle darkness and become powerful kings and queens of this world. The Jaguar-kings of America accomplished amazing feats that allowed visitors to see that they'd established a social paradise, the Kingdom of God en Earth.

In Mexico and both Central and South America for example, Jaguar-kings established leadership schools to show people how to develop personal power and wealth. The schools were manned by what can be called
the cult of Quetzalcoatl. Incorporating the spirit of Lord Quetzalcoatl, initiates to the cult were taught how Nature sees leadership. Managing tribal resources for the good of all, these men and women were entrepreneurial managers of the highest degree. In letters to the King of Spain, Cortez lauds the amazing assortment of goods and services offered in the central markets.

Imagine a leadership culture where men and women undertook to provide goods and services to their fellow citizens. At the time of the conquest you could buy salmon smoked by the Haida tribes in the North Pacific, fresh buffalo meat and tanned hides from the Plaines tribes or beaver and mink pelts from the Eastern woodland tribes. You could find ornate silver jewelry from Bolivia or the Southwest USA, and there was walrus from the Atlantic Canada in the markets of Mexico. Tribal leaders organized free-trade throughout the American Continent and managed central markets in major population cross-routes.

The magical world of the Jaguar-kings is this world as understood at the level of quantum physics. Those ancient sorcerer-scientists described how
indivisible energy is contained as the 4 fundamental forces in Nature (Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Strong and Weak Forces) and how the forces can be focused as power. History has an exceptional amount of information about the spiritual power of those early American leaders.

The Europeans found an amazing people living in America and, putting aside the near extermination of millions and the stories spun by the winners, in those early days many more Europeans joined the First Nation tribes than the other way around. The Natives did not want to be like the

Historians record tales of Natives with extra-sensory powers (ESP) - like shamans capable of moving across Space-Time, and sorcerers who easily reached trance states to accurately report findings from far away. Historians wrote of feats with supernatural results that resulted from practices of ritual magic and they described the common factors in different leaders who used a particular ritual. They tell of magic healing sessions with reason-defying results. Early accounts tell stories of a people who had boundless courage, and emanated child-like joy and charisma. It was reported that leaders had an inner fierceness but that they naturally acted in very kind and loving ways.

The Jaguar-kings were spiritual warriors of the highest order bound to serve Nature... by filling Creator's Intent! Nature is God's laws. No one can break a law... even if we are free to break ourselves against it.

«The Way Of Jaguar-kings» is here told as
a springboard story. A springboard story does not have to be believed (or disbelieved) as it is meant to be a vehicle for information. It carries objective facts with a subjective reasoning. In this story context, the information shared will include the syntheses, tools and techniques that guaranty an empowered life.

Once the information contained in this story is acquired, it can act as a
springboard to reach higher realizations. The information transferred with the story has been told since the dawn. The Initiate schools have been charged with perpetuating a myth.

The myth says Creator organized His world so it ruled by His Court.

The court is a creative hierarchy that transcends local leadership in every village, town, region or nation, and every small, medium and big business in the Kingdom as they are charged to consider local conditions. The Court is universal.

Creator equipped every member of his Court to play 5 roles. A result of the practicing them is to become an empowered leader.

In the myth, it said that, over time, the Europeans had forgotten Creator's Intent and had put the acquisition of material goods ahead of any other consideration. They watched as the world fell into chaos. For them, profe$$ional moneylenders had risen to interpret how acquiring wealth is a noble ethic that everyone should aspire to.

One day a new leader appeared in the land who said there was a better way of profiting from our talents and abilities. He explained that people could live better in a healthy environment. He told people to organize their lives according to Creator's
Intent => so that they should Survive & Prosper.

He explained that even if survival is a very personal, and even a selfish
me thing, it's stamped in our DNA giving proof to Creator's INTENT. Any mom who has given birth to a sickly or weak baby will testify to its incredible tenacity in striving to survive.

And the leader explained that prosperity is not even a concept that can be entertained for one. Prosperity implies growing, sharing, trading, selling and otherwise mutually benefitting.

Prosperity is a
we thing. The new leader said that Creator's Intent is thereby « Altruistic SELF-interest» i.e. - It's in the interest of each part to care for the welfare of the whole.

He also said that Creator's Intent is in fact pushe
s us in terms of our physical, emotional and intellectual pursuit. It is my interest to do my best at all times. My doings are who I become. In this way, the spiritual power gleaned from any experience can be empowering.

That mythic leader showed followers 5 practices that every human being can master to consciously build a wondrous life. Their practice results in an impassioned and empowered way of life - what has been called living "
in the state of grace!"

Those 5 practices are the art of Stalking, the art of Dreaming, the art of Seeing, the art of Leading, and the art of Persuading. Here you can
download documents explaining them in every detail.

Before leaving this world, the new leader also taught tools and techniques men and women need to incorporate personal evolution into their daily life. Over time, the Jaguar-kings (and queens) were empowered by their own actions and practices. Social order then had a complete science wherefrom people studied Nature's creative strategies. With that science they learned the intricacies of time travel enlightened and 2000 years ago they led a mass transmigration, an ascension in Space-Time into other realms.

The Jaguar-kings explored how to commune directly with Nature's creating
Intelligence as documented in the TEOphysics Codex. This ancient and most sacred record describes the mathematical equations that link human consciousness to the creating consciousness or the universal or God-M.I.N.D.* (Move In New Dimensions).

Human evolution involves a vertical zip in energy amplitude.

The Codex explains the keys to human destiny...

The TEOphysics Codex is a series of equations arranged geometrically and hierarchically that guide perception to ascend in 8 experiential dimensions and reach with the universal M.I.N.D.* (*Move in new dimensions)

After sufficient numbers of people had learned the Codex, the mythic leader left, promising to return if ever they forgot Creator's
That great leader -
Quetzalcoatl by the Olmec, Aztec and Toltec, Viracocha by the Inca in the deep South, Kukulkan by the Maya, Pahana by the Hopi and Glooscap or other names by the tribes far to the North - is described with the same reverence other cultures use to explain Jesus Christ or Buddha.

Lord Quetzalcoatl tells how to be
ONE with Creator... In the first American culture, EVERY ONE was called to be Lord Quetzalcoatl. The Ancients even had university at Teotihuacan near Mexico City more than 2000 years ago to remember this and they had sorcery schools throughout the land. Divinity schools existed in Oaxaca, the Yucatan and other places in Central America

Teotihuacan means
the city where men become God. The city's 10-grade curriculum was tied to actualizing our highest, noblest and most empowering traits so as to live in joy and service to a creating Intent.

Teotihuacan near Mexico City includes pyramids to the Sun, to the Moon
and to Lord Quetzalcoatl

Today this serving Creator idea is guaranteed in the American Constitution and enshrined in Canada's charter of Rights but everyone must start wherever they are.

This story is about 12 men and women - leaders, business owners, managers, and teachers - who travel
to Costa Rica on a 1-week heuristic learning adventure. They will learn the way of Jaguar-kings.

The group explores the myth that empowered great leaders millennia ago and learn about them. Over 8 days and 7 nights, we'll discuss fascinating ideas like -
How did the Ancients build such magnificent castles in the sky like in Machu Picchu in Peru and so many other places, and how they dig huge caves and miles of underground rivers found in places like Uxmal in the Yucatan? What did they know about moving 10+ ton blocks of stone for miles over impossible terrain, then shaping them into edifices to fit so precisely as to still stand today? How did they develop amazing psycho-spiritual power to understand Creator's Intent? How did discover the shamanic pharmacopiae to heal ills or the persuasiveness to tame the and civilize the scattered tribes jungle?

This adventure favours
experience-based learning techniques for problem solving. Heuristic means self-discovery and so we teach syntheses and tools designed to empower people during activities and visits.

On tour, the participants adopt the role of journalists in pursuit of a fascinating story:
A TEOphysics Codex more than 3000 years old has been unearthed in Las Tumbas, in Costa Rica's Southern Zone (where they happen to be visiting). It seems someone is trying to stop information contained in that ancient document from getting the press coverage it deserves.

Abandoned by the cult of
Quetzalcoatl circa millennia ago, the Codex is an ideogram explaining how man and ONEness are indivisibly linked. With a series of "Press conferences", the activities and the visits, the participants on tour - 5 men and 7 women - discover how the Codex applies to them. The mix of personalities (in this story we selected from past participants in different tours and workshops) represent composite participants.

To understand the learning subtleties displayed by the participants
download the Sorcerers Grid, a tool that describes 12 basic personality types. The Grid was used to create the dialogue logic. Readers are invited to recognize their own learning style.

Readers are invited to participate in this story and so acquire information
that will allow them to springboard into a more empowered worldview.

This story is multimedia - that is facts presented are referenced to
Wikipedia, YouTube or other sources for interesting details about the areas visited on tour, including pictures and videos. Readers are invited to participate in the story so as to acquire information that will allow them to springboard into a more creative worldview. At various points you will to directed to download a tool, a syntheses or a strategy. We encourage you to experience the learning activities recommended.

In this sense, the Travel bLog will be an interactive workshop on how to acquire psycho-spiritual power like America's first leaders.