Monkeys know where their next meal is coming from. The 5 simian species that live in Costa Rica expect to eat well and they organize themselves accordingly. The "Congo" (Howler monkey), the Titi or Squirrel monkey, the "Capuchin" or Whiteface monkey, the Wooly monkey and the Spider monkey all enjoy an incredible bounty but they don't rely on Providence.

In order to prosper from Nature's abundance, each species has developed an incredible capacity to adapt. They follow the fruit, the edible leaves, the seeds and the nuts around a territory, managing themselves, their dietary needs, and their relationships. Obeying the “Survive & Prosper” law, they’ll do their bit and let Nature take care of the details.

They start early in the morning and leaders keep moving all day, resting whenever appropriate, remembering, planning and managing the tribe’s route in order to “meet” their menu at appropriate times in the year.

Higher primates only eat ripe fruit; smaller species can thrive on fruit still green. This is the price paid for the larger brain: We need fruit sugars. Remember that while the human brain accounts for 2-3% of a body’s mass, it’ll consume 20% of its energy…
and there are more calories in ripe fruit.

In addition to the aforementioned
Survive & Prosper task, higher primates must also manage the monkeys to make sure the fruit they’ll need later is allowed to ripen. This leads to strict territory management and to bloody conflict. But higher brain-power out thinks, out fights ...and eats the losers, getting an unexpected protein treat… and adding to a bloody dominance.

Science carefully studied those "cousins" of ours, to find that their main threat is not each other or their lack of management skills... but rather
deforestation - the loss of habitat. Creator's plan includes plenty for all but we "hairless apes" are so denatured that we’ve spoiled the garden.

We are the evolved primate, the winners, Nature’s greatest predators, and we prey on each... lesser species are just pushed out of existence. We are so disconnected from Nature and Earth-Mother’s abundance that 40% of the Earth’s diversity is now at risk because of our handiwork. We can blame our leaders but blame doesn’t help. Only actions help…
doings and not-doings!

Without our interference, our little monkey cousins' flexibility assures them a prosperous life. They have such varied diets that can comfortably move 4-5 kilometres a day to shop around for bargains. They can spend an entire month happily sharing a certain fruit, or seed, or insect, or leaf. If there’s a shortage, they’ll divide and some will switch to a lesser foods for awhile... and then they switch around so all get a fair shake.

It is in their interest to altruistically manage the forest. All they need is the room to move! A variety in diet allows them to find non-competitive overlaps between what they eat and other species or between the diet patterns in communities. If you can imagine, they manage a territory à la - “
You guys eat that and that for awhile. We’ll eat this an this. In a few days we can switch…”.

If human beings were to behave this way, the cycles of recession and abundance would be replaced by a millennium of plenty for everyone.

Consider how it'll take years of production, productivity and products for the Planet’s citizens to attain Global equity. We have hundreds of years of work ahead of us - everyone who can - to make sure people don’t starve today… let alone prosper. Consider how some 2 billion people woke up without fresh water in proximity this morning or without the promise of a decent meal - to then realize "global prosperity" can mean vastly different things to different people.

A prosperous life in the information age should have no boundaries. For years I fought the good fight looking for a level playing field so I understand that prosperity is first of all an attitude. Then it is the quality of the
transactional energy you put into motion. Creative energy-in-motion (or creative e-motion) contains the key to self-realization.

Actualizing the following 7 ideas will help anyone by guiding them on prosperity’s path:
  1. Get very specific and clear about what prosperity means to you. WRITE what you want on a "wish list". Then write down what you have that is worth what you are wishing for. Plaster your home and work environment with images that support your lists, and then get real flexible how to actualize your wishes… as you have real worth to transact with.
  2. Eliminate every DOUBT about your chances for success. Doubt must be based on past experiences. Act in the present to see the future unfold. Anticipate prosperity and look for it in many ways. Give off positive energy-in-motion and recognize how success is a way, not a destination. Invest in love as “emotional maturity”.
  3. Remember that you get results from where you focus the most time and energy.
  4. Remove negative habits from your business attitude, set policies that shape ethical behavior and take care of every detail. DO NOT accept negative answers from your collaborators, as that poison can dilute your success.
  5. Be certain that you and your collaborators always give clients 110% of what the CUSTOMERS think they’re paying for.
  6. Take consistent intelligent actions to increase your sales or exposure.
  7. Stay focused on the purpose you set for yourself, slow down to speed up, and touch bases with your "wish list" at least once a day. Follow the path of your heart.

If Monkeys can retire in a tropical paradise like Costa Rica …why shouldn't we "