Recently, I had the pleasure of telling one of my springboard stories to a group attending a training seminar. Story telling is a great way to teach, and a good story can transfer wisdom to people who can then use it to springboard into new thinking. I told the group about the Sorcerer-scientists of neotropical America who civilized the jungle more than 3000 years ago.

Millennia ago the Olmec sorcerers created the largest free-trading empire ever known, from Canada to southern Peru. They constructed amazing cities, erected huge monuments and solved extraordinary engineering feats. They accomplished greatness because they understood the creative process and how to access Higher Intelligence.

The ancient sorcerers were
the "Jaguar-kings" who studied the awesome bio-diversity of the neotropical jungle and uncovered its secrets. As they understood Nature, including own human nature, they reached social greatness.

Many centuries later, at the time of the conquest, travellers who reached present-day Mexico described the capital as the grandest and most beautiful city on Earth. Letters from Cortez to the King of Spain tell of markets filled with an incredible bounty. They also describe a sort of entrepreneurial society where EVERYONE is called to become a Jaguar-king or queen.

Those first American sorcerer-scientists established great schools that taught how humanity emerged from this Planet. We were not dropped here in some random accident nor did we arrive a mystical way. We evolved from the Earth, from its biology and its principles of self-organization, and we were imbued with all of its knowledge.

Today, in the southern zone of Costa Rica, hundreds of giant stone spheres are silent witnesses to that past. Carved by artists to represent the human mind and its potential, the stones demystify how that knowledge is assembled. They explain our «
sphere of awareness » as our potential... and tell how it isolates us from the Infinite mind.

We are « conscious » as we think about something. And conscious, we access « subconscious awareness » when we are asleep and dreaming. The Olmec sorcerers suggest that because we dream, we can enter Infinity. With our conscious and subconscious minds aligned, we can access a collective "SUPER consciousnesss" ...a God-mind.

Jaguar-kings learned how the individual mind is part of a larger realm of intelligence - a collective whole mind - a mainstream of consciousness ...a Sacred dream world that contains every thought in the universe.

Individual "mind" overlaps
another world. Both your conscious and subconscious minds and are within an infinite « SUPERconsciousness » who's INTENT provides the ØRDER in Nature. Creative INTENT drives the evolutionary Intelligence to understand that the Whole is greater than the sum of Its parts.

Ancient people civilized a ferocious jungle by learning how to open their "sphere of awareness" all the way to the Sacred animating the world. They learned to access and use the forces in Nature.

The American Sorcerers dreamed a better world, a TEOcratic paradise... and then they built it. Like they did, we can use the power of dream to create a better life. Here are 8 steps if you want to dream your way to happiness:
  1. Allow your dreams to surface by learning how to relax;
  2. Write down the ideas that attract you;
  3. Face the barriers that keep you from realizing your dreams right now.
  4. See your dream patterns as a subconscious arenas requiring action, and resolve to act.
  5. Make a strategic plan and then break it down into baby steps;
  6. Recognize that fear does not automatically disappear; it yields to an unbending intent.
  7. Surround yourself with people who support you.
  8. Act, and then reward your every success.

Dream the greatest life you can manage. You deserve it! Remember - the best part of living a dream is consciously actualizing it - doing it. It's not the destination, it's being awake to enjoy the whole journey!