The following videos illustrate some of my lessons from the jungle:

This video looks inside a primary rainforest

Earth is alive... It is breathing and very fragile!

A nice presentation on the ENERGY animating Creation

The jungle wonders of Costa Rica

And this is some of the incredible biodiversity you'll find there.

A variety of critters you are likely to meet in the Parks and Reserves.

Enjoy this symphony of jungle sounds.

Ants: Nature's secret power

Nature favors teamwork.

Some of the jungle’s most wondrous plants.

Some of the strangest fish you’ll ever see.

Various intra_terrestrial species.

How mushrooms and fungi work for us.

A beautiful video on the work of the pollinators

More than change looks, this creature can completely disappear...

Are plants intelligent?

See how trees communicate.

Learn how and why evolution is creative.

Meet our closest living relative.

The king of the American jungle: The noble jaguar!

A symbiotic relationship between fishermen and dolphins.

The movie "Thrive" examines sustainability as a universal code.

The universe and everything in it, including you and I, is God.

This about regreening the Earth.

This is "The Jungle Times" theme song... Music and lyrics by Randy Newman.

Every storyteller has a point of view... Be sure you tell yours.

See my “Lessons from the jungle...” conference series.

The value of the services provided by Earth’s ecosystems and the natural resources needed as “capital” to produce them are estimated, by conservative measure, to be about US$33 trillion per year. The GNP (gross national product) of the entire world's economies is currently only about US$18 trillion per year.

To allow purely economic considerations to weigh-in on other issues makes no sense whatever.
What is most needed - to right the wrongs of the Earth - is empowered leaders who can safeguard the environment above all other considerations.

Let me know what YOU think.

Kindest regards,

Lawrence Poole

Let me know what YOU think.

Kindest regards,